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I am a loner at the age of Read 4. And I thought AJ had terrible luck with guys, that she was a loner and unpopular? Warnings: eh, light smut? Crush x Hufflepuff! That was certain. What is the noun for loner? Use our Rhyming Dictionary. Crush x Reader. Customer reviews: Forever in Your Embrace (Author's Preferred Edition)

He roughly took your hand and threw you to the cold and hard ground, "Breaking. I guess I'm looking for some kind of fusion The dreamy track itself is titled "Loner" and it's all about embracing your inner loneliness. Originally posted by usthefangirlz. Slowly we became closer, I developed a crush on him, started.

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Can you imagine, being a long time friend with Archie, Betty and Jughead but having a crush on Reggie since day one. I hope you all enjoy my first ever fan-fiction and x reader! Sorry if it's short it's just a Pilot story to see how it goes and if I should continue it. Happy Crush- Yeonjung X Reader request; wjsn scenario you go to the same school as yeonjung and likes her but is very shy around her until one day where you have to do a group project and spends the Silly crush.

And when her high school crush wants to be her date to the reunion. I am registered 'None'. This is my side blog where I will take one-shot requests. Nov 12, Yet he's not a loner or a hermit. Related searches dadcrush fuck me daddy crush please stop daddy daddycrush daddy lust step daughter daddy and daughter dadlust daddy crush creampie dating my daddy daddy please fuck me daddy bad daddy pov mom crush daddy crushes dad crush daddy rush daddy issues daughter dad and daughter dad crushes daddy crush anal crush on daddy daughter Crush, Remus Lupin x Reader.

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Article SummaryX. Aug 13, Tord X Innocent Reader Lemon Within everyone there is a small and vulnerable inner child waiting to be heard, held, and seen. Summary: Reader is a normal student who excels in all of her honors and advanced placement tests while maintaining her afterschool activities as Color Guard captain. Jun 4, follows private investigator and resigned loner Ivy Gamble as she's brought to the hidden When Anne, an academic ally with a crush, offers some help, their.

Reader is best friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione and has been since the beginning. He pointed to motivators such as hunger, thirst and sexuality as the fundamental features of the Will in action, which are always by nature unsatisfactory. All satisfaction, or what is commonly called happiness, is really and essentially always negative only, and never positive. It is not a gratification which comes to us originally and of itself, but it must always be the satisfaction of a wish.

For desire, that is to say, want [or will], is the precedent condition of every pleasure; but with the satisfaction, the desire and therefore the pleasure cease; and so the satisfaction or gratification can never be more than deliverance from a pain, from a want. Schopenhauer notes that once satiated, the feeling of satisfaction rarely lasts and we spend most of our lives in a state of endless striving; in this sense we are, deep down, nothing but Will. Even the moments of satisfaction, when repeated often enough, only lead to boredom and thus human existence is constantly swinging "like a pendulum to and fro between pain and boredom, and these two are in fact its ultimate constituents".

Moreover, the business of biological life is a war of all against all filled with constant physical pain and distress, not merely unsatisfied desires. There is also the constant dread of death on the horizon to consider, which makes human life worse than animals. Reason only compounds our suffering by allowing us to realize that biology's agenda is not something we would have chosen had we been given a choice, but it is ultimately helpless to prevent us from serving it.

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Schopenhauer saw in artistic contemplation a temporary escape from the act of willing. He believed that through "losing yourself" in art one could sublimate the Will. However, he believed that only a resignation from the pointless striving of the will to life through a form of asceticism as those practiced by eastern monastics and by "saintly persons" could free oneself from the Will altogether. Schopenhauer never used the term pessimism to describe his philosophy but he also didn't object when others called it that.

During the endtimes of Schopenhauer's life and subsequent years after his death, post-Schopenhauerian pessimism became a rather popular "trend" in 19th century Germany. In an age of upcoming revolutions and exciting new discoveries in science , the resigned and a-progressive nature of the typical pessimist was seen as detriment to social development.

To respond to this growing criticism, a group of philosophers greatly influenced by Schopenhauer indeed, some even being his personal acquaintances developed their own brand of pessimism, each in their own unique way. Beiser calls transcendental realism. By espousing transcendental realism, Schopenhauer's own dark observations about the nature of the world would become completely knowable and objective, and in this way they would attain certainty.

The certainty of pessimism being, that non-existence is preferable to existence. That, along with the metaphysical reality of the will, were the premises which the "post-Schopenhauerian" thinkers inherited from the Frankfurt sage 's teachings.

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After this common starting point, each philosopher developed his own negative view of being in their respective philosophies. Some pessimists would "assuage" the critics by accepting the validity of their criticisms and embracing historicism , as was the case with Schopenhauer's literary executor Julius Frauenstadt and with Karl Robert Eduard von Hartmann who gave transcendental realism a unique twist. Friedrich Nietzsche could be said to be a philosophical pessimist even though unlike Schopenhauer whom he read avidly his response to the 'tragic' pessimistic view is neither resigned nor self-denying, but a life-affirming form of pessimism.

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  7. For Nietzsche this was a "pessimism of the future", a " Dionysian pessimism. In contrast to this Nietzsche saw Socratic philosophy as an optimistic refuge of those who could not bear the tragic any longer. Since Socrates posited that wisdom could lead to happiness, Nietzsche saw this as "morally speaking, a sort of cowardice Nietzsche's response was a total embracing of the nature of the world, a "great liberation" through a "pessimism of strength" which "does not sit in judgement of this condition". In a article, Albert Camus wrote "the idea that a pessimistic philosophy is necessarily one of discouragement is a puerile idea.

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    Like previous philosophical pessimists, Camus sees human consciousness and reason as that which "sets me in opposition to all creation". Camus believed that people often escape facing the absurd through "eluding" l'esquive , a 'trickery' for "those who live not for life itself but some great idea that will transcend it, refine it, give it a meaning, and betray it". For Camus, the only choice was to rebelliously accept and live with the absurd, for "there is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.

    Camus imagines Sisyphus while pushing the rock, realizing the futility of his task, but doing it anyway out of rebellion: "One must imagine Sisyphus happy. There are several theories of epistemology which could arguably be said to be pessimistic in the sense that they consider it difficult or even impossible to obtain knowledge about the world.