The Secret Panel (The Hardy Boys, Book 25)

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Hardy Boys 25: The Secret Panel

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Deadly road traps, aerial ambush, a spider man and a suspect who carries a menacing cane harass the young detectives as they seek the triple solution to this perplexing and exciting mystery. Revision: The Hardy Boys locate a missing college professor and solve the sabotage of a local radar station.

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Description of current edition: Triggered by the disappearance of a brilliant young professor, this mystery takes the Hardy boys first to Kenworthy College, where they find a puzzling message on an examination paper. But then, a new clue is unearthed that sends the young detectives to the Honeycomb Caves. After many dangerous encounters, Frank and Joe discover a powerful searchlight in one of the craggy caverns along the seacoast. In the brilliant white glare of the searchlight, the startling secret of the caves is dramatically revealed.

This is probably the most popular story among fans. The Hardy Boys solve the mystery of Elroy Jefferson's missing stamp collection while camping on Jefferson's Cabin Island retreat on their Christmas vacation. Description of current edition: With two mysteries to solve, Frank and Joe must climb aboard their iceboat the Sea Gull to reach Cabin Island, where a belligerent stranger orders them off. Sabotage to the boat, danger to themselves, and a ghostly prowler do not daunt the Hardy boys in their search for Johnny Jefferson and for clues to stolen antique medals.

How the teenage investigators outwit a ruthless foe and succeed in solving both mysteries makes for mounting suspense in this brisk-paced adventure. Rogers Art: Stricker Art: Rudy Nappi frontispiece: Stricker Notes: In the text on page was altered to include the title of the next book.

ISBN 13: 9780448089256

Jim Lawrence wrote the precis and Harriet S. Adams wrote the outline for the revised story. The Hardy Boys thwart a mail robbery attempt by their enemy, drunken mail pilot Giles Ducroy. Revised: The Boys solve the theft of valuable electronics parts containing platinum. Description of current edition: Valuable electronic parts containing platinum are being stolen from shipments made by Stanwide Mining Equipment's cargo planes, and Frank and Joe are called upon to assist their world-renowned detective father solve the baffling case.

While posing as Stanwide employees, the boys look into the truth behind the chief pilot's death at sea. The puzzling trail of clues leads the young sleuths to an uninhabited Caribbean island, but the final, and most startling, discovery is made in the boys' home town of Bayport. Rogers Art: A new frontispiece by A. Scott Art: New cover art by unknown artist Paul Laune? Art: Rudy Nappi Notes: In the text on page was altered to include the title of the next book. Jim Lawrence edited and did extensive rewriting on the revision. The Hardy Boys break up the Taffy Marr jewel smuggling ring.

Description of current edition: Frank and Joe race against time to retrieve a scientist's top-secret invention before thieves get their hands on it. But the young detectives soon discover that they are involved in a mystery far greater in scope than just safeguarding the invention. When Joe is kidnapped, this incident starts Frank of on a chase that could end disastrously for him and his pals.

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In the text on page was altered to include the title of the next book. Crazed Amos Wandy is threatening Raymond Dalrymple. The Hardy Boys solve the mystery of the secret locked room in Dalrymple's spooky mansion. Description of current edition: A banker who has been receiving threatening notes enlists the help of the Hardy boys. Before long, the young sleuths find themselves entangled in the investigation of a notorious band of thieves. The Hardy Boys break up a ring smuggling and extorting illegal Chinese aliens. Revision: The Hardy Boys foil a plot to steal a top-secret instrument vital to the space program.

Description of current edition: A plot to steal a top-secret instrument vital to the United States space program poses a challenging case for Frank and Joe Hardy. After rescuing a South American stowaway who mutters a warning about "Footprints " and then vanishes, Frank and Joe discover that documents belonging to their famous detective father are missing and that footprints linger under a window. The young detective's search for the diabolical mastermind of the "Footprints" spy ring takes them on a flight to a group of islands off the coast of South America.

The Hardy Boys and Mr. Hardy travel to Mexico to locate a missing witness in an oil rights trial. Description of current edition: In their motorboat the Sleuth Frank and Joe Hardy search Barmet Bay for a dangerous stranger who has stolen a valuable boat. Suddenly, in the eerie fog, they spot the craft drifting aimlessly out to sea. What happens next starts the young detectives and their pal Chet Morton on an intriguing adventure that takes them to Mexico and into the comparatively unexplored desert and mountain regions of Baja California.

The dust-jacket edition of the revised text is scarce. The Hardy Boys travel south to end the long-standing Rand-Blackstone feud. Description of current edition: The boys once again have jumped into the thick of a complicated mystery. Samuel Blackstone and his brother Ruel Rand live on adjacent properties, and it appears that one of them is out to hurt the other because they are both attacked.

Frank and Joe soon learn that treasure is rumored to be hidden between the two properties, and as they investigate, they learn that others are involved in the apparent plot between the two brothers. Spooky mansions, secret passages and rooms, mysterious characters, and a monster provide an enjoyable atmosphere to this Hardy Boys mystery. Clemens Gretter Gretta Art: Bill Gillies frontispiece: Gretta Art: Rudy Nappi Notes: McFarlane was originally going to pass on writing this novel but changed his mind when he realized that no other author had as yet written a Hardy Boys book.

Revised text title changed to The Sinister Signpost The Hardy Boys locate a missing race horse and thwart the destructive plans of the insane Vilnoff. Revision: The Boys investigate mysterious auto racing accidents and the kidnapping of a race horse. Description of current edition: In one of the most dangerous and intriguing cases of their careers, Frank and Joe Hardy help their father investigate a series of mysterious car accidents.

The young detectives investigate, only to discover that the signposts have vanished. The attempted theft of a secret experimental motor and the kidnapping of a famous race horse are part of this thrilling case, which proves to be as sinister as the signposts themselves. Description of current edition: A blind peddler's warning and a weird glass eye plunge Frank and Joe Hardy into one of the most baffling cases they have ever tackled. The young detectives' investigation takes them to a walled estate guarded by savage dogs, where a wealthy businessman is hiding out in fear for his life. In a climax that will hold the reader spellbound with suspense, Frank and Joe find themselves trapped in a sinister house of mystery where there seems to be no escape!

The Hardy Boys go deep sea diving to recover the treasure from the sunken "Katawa" and foil the plans of the thuggish Gus Kuntz. Revised: The Hardy Boys investigate the strange disappearance of an ancient Egyptian artifact. Description of current edition: Strange events involve Frank and Joe Hardy in a mystery which shrouds an ancient treasure-the golden head of the Pharaoh Rhamaton IV.

The owner of the million-dollar golden Pharaoh's head claims it was aboard the freighter Katawa, which sank not far from Whalebone Island. But suspicious developments indicate that Mehmet Zufar may be trying to defraud the shipping line's insurance company. Frank and Joe enthusiastically accept the challenge of their famous detective father to assist him in investigating the complex case for Transmarine Underwriters.

Nancy Drew Hardy Boys Supermystery #25: Secrets of the Nile - Book Review

Adams also signed a release form for the original edition. In the text on page was modified to include the title of the next book. PC edition with Nancy Drew title list on back cover is scarce. Description of current edition: A series of museum thefts launch the Hardy Boys on this baffling mystery. Rare collections of ancient pirate treasure are being stolen, so Frank and Joe are asked to stake out the Black Parrot, a suspicious freighter docked in Bayport Harbor. This whirlwind chase after a self-styled pirate king in the Caribbean stronghold of the Empire of the Twisted Claw makes a gripping tale of suspense and high adventure..

The original text edition is generally regarded as the worst written story in the canon. Revised: The Hardy Boys track down a gang of jewel thieves in a mysterious old mansion. Description of current edition: Once again Frank and Joe Hardy take on a puzzling case when their famous detective father asks the boys to assist him in tracking down a notorious jewel thief and his accomplices. The trail leads to the outskirts of the Hardys' home town and to a weirdly guarded mansion on the old Perth estate. With their pal Chet Morton, the brothers must tackle the mystery of the mansion heir's sudden death.

A disappearing floor, a huge, savage-looking, hound, a galloping ghost, and a college professor's startling invention are just a few of the strange elements that complicate the boys' efforts to solve both mysteries. Revised: The Boys investigate the disappearance of the speedy hydrofoil ferry, the Flying Express.

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Description of current edition: A sleek new hydrofoil is scheduled to start ferrying passengers between Bayport and Cape Cutlass. But business enemies of the hydrofoil owner have stirred up a hornets' nest of violent opposition among small boat owners.

Startling developments plunge the teenage detectives into a dangerous chase by sea, air, and land in pursuit of a gang of hardened criminals who operate by the signs of the Zodiac. Hardy's skilled operative. Peril stalks Frank and Joe's every moves as they hunt down the terrifying gangleader Zodiac Zig and his vicious henchmen.

The Hardy Boys break up a truck hijacking ring and solve the mystery of the theft of Arthur Barker's swords.