Time, Policy, Management: Governing with the Past

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Employees can more easily adhere to your policies when they have convenient access to your policy manuals and other documents on all their devices. If you know the time has come to implement a new way of managing your policy documents, the process does not have to be complicated.

Software takes some getting used to, but it should streamline things, in the end, adding efficiency and hopefully, compliance to your organization. Before you overhaul your existing method dive into electronic policy management, consider the following insights and best practices. The first step to optimizing the electronic policy management process is simply taking a close look at the policies you already have in place. You need to make sure your existing policies are in line with local, state, and federal regulations, along with any other governing bodies to which you are responsible.

Developing and sticking with a standard policy structure simplifies the process for everyone. When you have a regular template guiding you, developing and updating your policies will be much easier.

Along similar lines, your policies and procedures will likely be much clearer if they are organized efficiently. Any steps you can take to help your employees navigate documents you distribute is helpful. One of the major perks of electronic document management is the ease of collaborating and distributing your policies. Make sure you take advantage of these functionalities by automating your approval workflows as much as possible. Once you establish this, you can electronically revise your policies with the suggested changes and submit them for final approval.

After all, they can only comply with the information they have. Come up with a game plan for distributing your policies and notifying your employees of any updates. Next, make sure your employees know how to use all the technology they need for accessing these documents. Once everyone is on the same page, you can have your employees sign off on documents and easily keep their signatures on record. Unfortunately, simply reading through policies and procedures does not ensure compliance. As you know, your policies will continue to evolve over time.

Make sure you come up with a plan for continued education of your employees. With a policy management software , you can automate your training efforts.

Chapter 13 - Improving the organization and management of extension

From creating customized curriculum to revising it with new information based on employee outcomes, cloud-based document management makes things easier. Perhaps you are just starting the process of exploring healthcare policy management software. Or maybe you are convinced of its benefits and ready to pull the trigger.

No matter where you are in the journey, ensuring compliance in your healthcare organization can only benefit your organization. When everyone in your company can access to the documents they need, everyone will be safer and more successful. Skip to content Return to Blog. Healthcare Policy Management Software.

How to select and implement the right policy manager for you. Article highlights Importance of healthcare policy management. Implementing a policy management software.

Overview Of Public Policy: The Public And Its Policies

Download a free policy template. This is in large part why healthcare policy management is so important. Learn More. Importance of Healthcare Policy Management. Policy management is just as important as your actual policies. Risk mitigation One of the primary reasons to prioritize policy management is risk mitigation.

Legal compliance Along the same lines, rigid policy management can also keep your organization legally compliant, protecting you from lawsuits and associated costs. Accountability When you have the right healthcare policies in place, you want to make sure your employees have easy access to them and, just as importantly, understand them. It also means leading your employees by example by being compliant yourself. Moving Your Policies Online. Keep in mind that some policy management solutions are better than others. Is there a better way to do things?

Robert E. Goodin, Martin Rein, and Michael Moran

Improve Your Policy Management See for yourself how our policy management software can save time and increase compliance. Get a Free Demo. Technology to the rescue Bringing all your documents to one place online — most commonly, the cloud — can benefit your organization and those with whom you work in a number of ways.

Co-editing on a single document reduces the risk of errors and saves time for everyone. Along the same lines, updating your policies is much simpler when they are all online. On the distribution end, electronic documents typically make for optimal compliance. Implementing a Policy Management Software.

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Conduct a policy audit and review The first step to optimizing the electronic policy management process is simply taking a close look at the policies you already have in place. Develop a standard policy structure Developing and sticking with a standard policy structure simplifies the process for everyone. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article.

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