Visualization in medicine and life sciences

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Biologically, humans are well wired for exceptional visual analysis. Our optic nerve can transfer incoming visual data to our brains as fast as an Ethernet connection. Once received in the brain, evolution has honed our abilities to distinguish shapes, edges, and boundaries, and to identify patterns from that visual data — all almost instantaneously.

As data is portrayed visually, we can quickly distinguish differences in shapes and patterns between sets much more quickly than we would be able to do by looking at numbers alone.

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Visualization gives meaning and context to data that would otherwise be vast compilations of numbers, facts and measurements. Many users have already implemented their own best practices strategies for using visual analysis tactics in data mining. Over the next several years, as data visualization becomes a best practices standard for analysis of data in clinical and life sciences research, one of the biggest changes we can hope to see will be the advent of the application of next generation sequencing in the clinic.

Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences

Visualization software will be used return better diagnoses, to recommend more specific therapies, and to even provide guidance for illness prevention. To learn more about data visualization and Spotfire, consider attending our Dr.

The interaction between visualization and medicine is one of the fastest expanding fields, both scientifically and commercially. Buy eBook.

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